For Us

History of the dairy

The dairy was founded in 1996 in the city of Teteven, with the main purpose of producing and trading dairy products.

We have been on the market for over 20 years and offer our customers a guarantee for high-quality dairy products with an authentic taste from the heart of Stara Planina. The dairy is located in Teteven and offers traditional Bulgarian products according to original recipes since 1959.

In 2008, the reconstruction and modernization of the enterprise was completed under the European SAPARD program.


We produce high-quality dairy products for your table, following traditional Bulgarian recipes. We believe that the basis of a healthy lifestyle is full nutrition with natural products. That is why in the dairy we use only ecologically pure milk from the Teteven Balkan.

Why our products?

Traditional recipes

We have been producing according to traditional Bulgarian recipes since 1959.

Modern technique

We work with the most modern technique, with which we combine new and traditional production of dairy products.

Healthy products

We produce healthy products.

Purity and quality control

We carry out continuous control of purity and quality.

A pinch of love

We create our products with love for nature to bring a piece of the Balkans to your table.

Personal guarantee

We personally guarantee!